Irving Center for Clinical Research - Investigators
Pediatrics Residents

Summer 2018 (23)
Name Protocol Titles  
David Barris Echocardiographic Measures of Right Ventricular Systolic Function after Pediatric Heart Transplant PDF
Casey Berman CHONY Chefs: Nutrition Education & Culinary Medicine PDF
Sinead Brady Reducing Hospital Length of Stay for Patients With Bronchiolitis PDF
Aaron Charnay Disposition of Critically Ill Patients In Acute Care Setting Following Botulinum Injections to Salivary Glands. PDF
Denis Donovan Allograft as a Risk Factor for Pre-Sensitization in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease PDF
Juan Duran Development of a Clinical Database and Biobank for Investigation of neuroinfectious diseases and neuroinflammatory conditions PDF
Ben Greene CHONY Chefs: Using Culinary Medicine to Empower Residents as Dietary and Healthy Lifestyle Providers PDF
Jill Hsia Standardizing Treatment by Establishing a Pathway (STEP) for Urinary Tract Infections PDF
Azadeh Issapour Serotonin and GI motility:The effect of 5-HTP Slow Release (5-HTP SR) therapy on Treatment resistant depression (TRD) associated chronic constipation PDF
Ben King Urinary Tract Infections in Young Children: Testing a Novel, Non-Invasive, Point-of-Care Diagnostic Marker PDF
Abigail Leathe Respiratory Outcomes of Infants Born after Oligoanyhydramnios PDF
Alexandra Linder Does syncope in children with pulmonary artery hypertension have the same risk implications as in adults? PDF
Lindsay Nadkami Evaluation of Consequence Validity of a Concise Instrument for Formative Assessment of Team Leader Performance During Pediatric Resuscitations PDF
Presley Nichols Investigation of Genetic Causes of Severe Early Childhood Onset Obesity PDF
Will Patten Timing of Delivery and Mortality Risk in the Fetus with Congenital Heart Disease and Small for Gestational Age PDF
George Ru School Attendance and Academic Performance in Pediatric Sickle Cell Patients in Kampala, Uganda PDF
Sarah Schechter Effect of Social Determinants of Health on Pediatric Hospital Asthma Utilization PDF
Carol Shen Protein Energy Wasting in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease PDF
Min Ye Shen Utility of SPM in Quantitative Analysis of Neuroimaging in Epilepsy Surgery PDF
Jennifer Smerling The Use of 3D Printing in the Teaching of Congenital Heart Disease PDF
Nicole Stanford Quality of Life in Adult Survivors of Pediatric Heart Transplant PDF
Katherine Tang Pathways for Improving Pediatric Asthma Care (PIPA)- Columbia University/NYP Site PDF
Erika Yazawa Standardizing Gastric Residual Volume Assessment in Early Enteral Feeds of ELBW and VLBW Infants -- Quality Improvement Project. PDF