Irving Center for Clinical Research - Investigators
Pediatrics Residents

Year 2017-2018
Name Protocol Titles  
Nicholas Boscamp Anodal Stimulation in Pediatric Patients with Permanent Epicardial Pacemakers PDF
Rachel Elkin Reducing Hospital Length of Stay for Febrile Infants 7-60 Days: a Project REVISE Substudy PDF
Gwynne Latimer Predicting Cardiac Arrest in the Pediatric ICU PDF
Fahmida Islam Care Team Dynamics during Family Centered Rounds PDF
Christina Sanders Manic, Francesca Kingery Standardizing Treatment by Establishing a Pathway (STEP) for Urinary Tract Infections PDF
Marco Garcia Improving LGBT Healthcare in the Adolescent Population PDF
Jenny Ruiz Using the Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Comorbidity Index In Pediatric Patients Undergoing BMT following busulfan based regimens PDF
Kristin Leone Antenatal effects of indomethacin on treatment of very premature infants with PDAs PDF
RosaMarie Maiorella Design, Implementation, and Analysis of a Healthcare Economics Curriculum for Pediatric Residents PDF
Katharine Press Parent Stress in the Cardiac NICU and the Effect of BACI, a Supportive Intervention PDF
Ruyan Rahnama Chart review of primary torture survivors PDF
Michele Smith Epidemiology of Rhinovirus in pediatric patients with severe respiratory infections PDF
Victoria Eckels Improving Neonatal Resuscitation: Use of Audio and Visual Prompting to Improve Resuscitation Performance in Simulated Neonatal Resuscitation PDF
Angel Maldonado Neurodevelopmental assessment of infants exposed to Zika Virus PDF